About us

The Roble Company (oak in spanish) is a manufacturer of wooden flooring, stairs, doors and decking. Each of our project is treated extremely individually and prepared on the basis of the best quality standards. Every product is created from carefully selected wood that affects on a form and each interior’s aesthetic look. Our products are made to be of an unique shape, style and elegance and our carpenters and designers always make every effort to create the wooden stairs, floors or doors that become the showcase of the house, but above all we always try to reproduce the style of your house's interior.

Why Roble?

We follow the principle: kilent is the originator and we are professionals. As a producer of wooden stairs, floors and doors, we have a wide range of experience and we will always advise you on how to best accomplish a given project, and each of the products will be created in such a way to make sure it meets aesthetic, functional and highest quality standards. There is nothing impossible for us: we will create a unique wood floor with amazing effects, in unusual dimensions, a charred wall cladding or stairs that no one else will make! Thanks to that fact we are trusted by many Polish and abroad customers.

Showroom Kraków
ul. Skotnicka 233
30-394 Kraków

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