Roble also manufactures wooden, internal doors. We are able to produce wooden doors based on an architect’s project, a photo or simple inspiration. The individually designed internal doors will be unique and suited to the style of your interior.


In our offer you will find rebated and non-rebated doors, with hidden and stylized hinges, with a magnetic or classic lock. Internal doors of our production may be selected in European and exotic wood species and dyed in any desired color. There are a few finishes available: hard wax-oil and matte or gloss lacquer.


This type of doors is ideal for traditional, but also minimalist and eclectic interiors. In the version with grooves and decorations on the surface, the doors will also fit into interiors in glamor or art deco styles. We produce the doors from solid wood elements, e.g. of oak or ash wood.


Door wings and frames from exotic wood species are distinguished not only by color, but also by an interesting grain. Depending on the chosen type of wood, the exotic wood doors will be a beautiful accent in eclectic and retro interiors. You can choose from many exotic species, including rosewood, teak, mahogany, jatoba, iroko or ipe lapacho.


Glass inserts used in the door can give a modern accent or Provencal character. Double-wing French doors are recently very fashionable and a transparent or vague glass doors are perfect for quick rooms separation while preserving space.


Doors hidden in a wall cassette (pocket sliding doors) or moved along a rail over a door opening do not limit the space and allow quick separation or connection of two rooms.


Merging the door with the wall gives a very aesthetic visual effect. Interestingly, this solution works well in any style, depending on the combination of the wing and wall finishing option.

Below you may find examples of modern and classic wooden & glass doors. Selected realizations of our custom-made doors can be found in the PORTFOLIO tab.

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