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Which material should you choose for the terrace?

Composite decking is a good solution for those who want to completely exclude impregnation process of terrace boards. Although the composite requires no maintenance, it heats up quickly and may not satisfy investors who value nature.

An alternative for wood lovers are wooden terrace boards, which, depending on the species, have different functional properties. Exotic wood species are very hard, dense and naturally resistant to moisture, temperature changes or insect attack due to the high content of natural oils in their structure. Coniferous varieties are cheaper, but they require systematic care to preserve their durability.

What kind of groundwork is acceptable for the decking?

Both wooden and composite decking can be placed on the following groundworks:

  • directly on ready concrete screeds,
  • hardened crushed stone,
  • construction made of concrete poles (you will find this type of formwork in our offer).


Projects with the above products can be found in the PORTFOLIO tab.


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