Wooden steps

Concrete stairs are a traditional solution that will work in any interior. Traditional wooden steps will make the stairs fit perfectly into the classic style, while wooden steps with a carpet effect (steps and risers of the same thickness) will perfectly fit into a modern room. The original finish can also be obtained by the use of risers made of lacobel or MDF.

Wooden covering for concrete stairs can be made in all types: straight, winder or with a landing. However, it is worth planning their form at the stage of building the house and arranging the rooms to avoid unnecessary reconstruction. Before installing the stairs, we will also need information on the choice of the floor thickness on the upper floor so that the last step of the stairs could be on the same level as the floor.

We produce wooden coverings for concrete stairs in the following forms:

  • wooden steps & risers with a carpet effect,
  • wooden steps & risers with stair tread nosing,
  • wooden steps with MDF or lacobel risers.

As part of our comprehensive service, we also install stair skirt boards in the color of the stairs or any other chosen color.

schody na beton z oświetleniem led

schody dębowe na beton olejowane

stopień dębowy i podstopień lacobel

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