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The wooden terrace is a beautiful home decoration and a functional part of the garden. In our offer you will find many types of wood such as: massaranduba, bangkirai, keruing, kapurze, kempas, merbau, siberian larch, european larch, pressure-impregnated pine and scandinavian thermo pine. It is worth considering the choice of the right type of wood, taking into account their characteristics and personal preferences.

exotic wood terraces

Characteristics of Wooden Terrace Boards

  • natural appearance of boards, do not heat up,
  • easy adjustment to places with unusual shapes / dimensions,
  • possibility to renew and change the color of boards,
  • color of wood changes with time, but properly impregnated, retains its natural color,
  • require periodic maintenance, i.e. reapplication of the oil or the use of protective substances.

Maintenance of Wooden Terraces

To maintain the durability of color and resistance to external factors, terrace boards should be regularly impregnated. Maintenance should be carried out twice a year (after the summer and winter, during warm days, when the temperature reaches above 10 °C) or always when you notice visible signs of wood wear. The basic care of wooden terraces includes the following stages:

  1. Carefully wash the terrace boards, remove dirt and dust with a brush and clean water or a pressure washer.
  2. Once the boards dry out, apply oil with a brush. After about 15-30 minutes, any excess oil (not absorbed by wood) should be removed.
  3. Steps from the first point, i.e. cleaning the terrace, should be performed systematically, especially when dirt and sand is accumulated in the grooves of the terrace boards.

Excellent technical parameters of the above mentioned materials (details can be found in the file Technical specification for download) assure that the properly maintained terrace will serve for many years, maintaining a fresh and natural look.



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