Floating stairs

Floating and openwork stairs are spectacular and do not require pouring reinforced concrete staircase. Thanks to this, the stairs seem "light", the interior gains space and is more illuminated. Properly designed, openwork stairs can be not only a functional core of communication, but also a remarkable decoration of the living room or entrance area.

The winder stairs and the landing in the openwork version look interesting especially in the option of self-supporting stairs with closed risers, while cantilever stairs look great in a straight flight form. A curved staircase is a perfect décor for classic, modern-classic and provencal style interiors, while stairs on the beam will fit into an industrial, vintage and modern style houses. Wooden stringer stairs will be a beautiful home decoration in a colonial, rustic and scandinavian arrangement. Make your own choice!

In our offer you will find:

  • beam staircases - with one or two beams (straight/modular; wooden/powder coated steel),
  • stringer stairs with open risers (wooden/steel stringers),
  • spiral stairs - on the central steel column,
  • curved, fan-shaped stairs - made of bent wood,
  • self-supporting stairs with closed risers,
  • cantilever stairs on a steel structure anchored in the wall.

schody samonośne drewniane

schody drewniane samonośne

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