Balustrade is often the main decoration of stairs - that's why it's worth taking care of the details and choosing the right one. When choosing a balustrade, you should primarily focus on the style of the interior, safety and the construction of wooden stairs.


  • all-glass (tempered laminated glass VSG / ESG 8.8.4) installed with a use of point handles or in the hidden rails,
  • laser cut (fancy patterns cut by CNC router in MDF or powder coated steel sheets),
  • forged steel,
  • curtain (glass panes placed between wooden/steel vertical elements or frames),
  • balusters (balusters and posts made of steel, wood or a combination of these materials),
  • thin steel cables or rods placed horizontally between the wooden/steel posts.

The glass balustrade fits into almost any interior and any type of stairs. A glass balustrade with round clamping brackets is the best choice for modern interiors and a glass balustrade with wooden frame or pillars/handrails perfectly suits more classic houses. It is also a safe solution when you have children at home - there is no risk that the child will fall out. Metal balusters and railings are a good option for industrial interiors, while wrought iron balustrades look really beautiful in a palace/baroque style interior. A futuristic accent in a modern or eclectic house will be a railing made of metal or plywood sheets with openwork patterns. On the other hand, wooden balustrade is the quintessential of classic design.

balustrada szklana z drewnianym pochwytem

balustrada nowoczesna z drewnianym pochwytem

balustrada drewniana z tralkami

balustrada nowoczesna z drewnianym pochwytem

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